M.G.R. College of Arts and Science, Established in the year 1988, has emerged as an outstanding institution of higher education in Hosur. It is a co-educational college affiliated to Periyar University, Salem and managed by the Adhiyamaan Educational and Research Institution Trust. It is located about 35 km from SE of Bangalore and 45 km from NW of Krishnagiri, the district headquarters. It’s strategic location makes the college a much sought-after institute in the vicinity apart from its academic excellence.

The growth in Hospitality Industry is unparalleled by others. Around 250 million people are employed in the sector. The hospitality industry is growing at a faster rate than ever envisaged and today it has no boundaries. Statistics that add to the positivity about the industry is that one-job is created every two and half seconds in the field. Since the trade is a part of Aviation, Shipping, Entertainment, Catering, Multiplexes, Shopping malls, Call centers and of course Hotels and Restaurants opportunities are aplenty offering exciting careers, attractive jobs, good pay packets and more than all recognition from employers of international origin providing great job satisfaction to the aspiring candidates.

M.G.R. College of Arts and Science

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Due to the great demand that exists for Hotel management professionals now and is expected to grow further due to the increasing number of hotels coming up in India and the world, there is a reflection of the demand on the renowned Institutions offering Degree Courses and Skill enhancement Courses.

The Career that is exciting offering good emoluments

While it is the glamour that is an alluring feature in hospitality industry, a career in Hotel Management & Catering Technology is seen as very lucrative and exciting. High Demand for professional jobs, respectable & key positions available in the industry and good earnings from the very time the students complete the courses are all the pushing factors for the students to choose Hotel Management & Catering Technology as their career option.  


Today the Hotel Industry in India is one of the fastest growing industries and there is huge demand for qualified & trained personnel with professional skills for positions at different levels and thus the Courses to pursue Hotel Management & Catering Technology education became a high demand choice. The demand for Under-graduate and Post-graduate Courses has been therefore very high. The employable knowledge and skills help those completing the courses to get lucrative jobs and also satisfy those who have their eyes on entrepreneurial possibilities.  

The industry connect that the University has been able to establish make the students benefit in a great way to hone their skills and for the halo factor that make them preferred choice.

Highlights of Hotel Management & Catering Technology Courses

The students undergoing the Course acquire basic Knowledge in terms of Science involved in each of Hospitality segments – Food Production, Food and Beverage Service, Front Office & Housekeeping

The Degree/ PG Holders will be able to required knowledge and skills to fit in the entry level job positions in the Star Hotels. They will fit in the job positions with a very short Orientation program, unlike those candidates who do not have any basic qualification to carry knowledge and skills.

The Degree/PG Holders – those of you who do well among them will grow to the next level faster and it will not be possible for candidates without any basic qualification and defined knowledge and skills.

B.Sc. (Hotel Management & Catering Technology)  enables the students gain the entire gamut of knowledge & skill aspects relating to all the operations in the Hotel Industry. They acquire a comprehensive knowledge in the theory and practical aspects of the course at a comfortable pace which make them professionally skilled with the required confidence to execute them. Skills in Kitchen and culinary, Gardemanger (Stocking and using of ingredients), knowledge and managerial skills in Housekeeping administration and procedures, Professional Food and Beverage Service, Banquets planning and execution and a fair knowledge about Revenue, Accounting & all of which supported by Computer skills, would meet make the students to perform in the industry with professional touch. Their Personality and Communication skills make them confident about their personal disposition too. Internships during the Course pursuance make the students well conversant with the industry practices. Thus the Students passing out B.Sc. (Hotel Management & Catering Technology) from Dr. MGR Educational & Research Institute University would easily fit into professional job slots in the industry. Our Alumni members are the standing testimony for the deliverables that the University promises

The THREE year Course  with 6 semesters (2 semesters each year) is ideal to deliver the required knowledge and skills to perform to the best of satisfaction of industry bosses. . .

  • Duration:   3 Years
  • Eligibility:   Pass in Higher Secondary / Senior Secondary